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Liberal Twitter MELTED DOWN Over Kanvaugh's Confirmation


When it became clear that Brett Kavanaugh had been confirmed in a 50-48 vote to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy as the ninth justice on the Supreme Court – and even before then – liberals on Twitter absolutely imploded.

And it. Was. Hilarious. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Here’s Nancy Lee Grahn, saying she was so distraught over Kavanaugh that she physically pulled her car over and wept openly until a random woman showed up and cried with her.

Here’s Alissa Milano, whining that Trump has confirmed dozens of judges – which is literally part of his job as president.

Here’s Kathy Griffin, for once so speechless she couldn't even drum up any profanity.

ThinkProgress’ Ian Millhiser took a swing at the entire Senate for not voting his way.

Stephen King – a white man – blaming white men.

All of NARAL losing their minds.

Here’s Harvard Tom Nichols pitching a hissy fit.

And here's Harry Leslie Smith claiming Kavanaugh broke America.

If you think they're mad now, just imagine the freakout when the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade. 

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