Liberal Protester Who Verbally Attacked Woman Claiming To Be 9/11 Widow Gets Confronted by Her Son - And Flees

Ferlon Webster Jr. | October 22, 2018
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Remember that crazy Antifa protester who verbally harassed a woman who claimed to be a 9/11 widow while she was waiting to cross the street last week?

Well yeah, he got what was coming to him right after that.

Turn’s out the woman’s son -- at least, he's claimed to be her son -- was around when this happened. When he found out what happened to his mother, he did what most sons would do in that situation -- he defended her.

A video posted on Twitter shows the Antifa protester cower and flee the scene when the widow’s son approached him. He questioned the protester about verbally harassing his mother.

“You call my mom out?“ the son said to the man. “Why you running now? Ahhhhh!”

You can then see the Antifa man standing across the street with a look of fear in his eyes as multiple people began returning exactly what the protester dished out to the woman -- verbal assaults.

“Yeah, that’s right! Go home, b****!” they yelled at him.

It’s good to see people like this get a reality check. I’m not saying verbally assaulting anyone is ever right, but it felt like a form of justice to see a once “tough” liberal man get his own medicine handed back to him. Maybe now he’ll think twice before he says anything demeaning to anyone again.

H/T: Daily Caller