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The Liberal Media Is Deflecting HARD On This FISA Memo


The left was ready with all manner of denial and deflection, even before the now-infamous Nunes memo was published Friday morning alleging that top DOJ and FBI officials obtained a FISA warrant under false pretenses and using a DNC-funded (and factually deficient) dossier against Trump to spy on former Trump advisor Carter Page.

Here's Chuck Todd on MSNBC, upset he wasn’t given more time to come up with a pro-left spin on the whole debacle.

Not a good look by the House GOP to release cherry picked excerpts through friendly media outlets in order to build a narrative. Only reinforces the partisan look to all this. A truly nonpartisan act would have been a complete release without cherry picks

— Chuck Todd (@chucktodd) February 2, 2018

WATCH: @chucktodd on memo release: GOP is making their case look worse because they're only releasing the memo to partisan, friendly media outlets

"This is what a campaign would do ... not something done by someone who cared about the rule of law."

— MSNBC (@MSNBC) February 2, 2018


JUST IN: Daily Beast's @woodruffbets reports that the memo was written by Kash Patel, a former DOJ lawyer.

"In some corners it's know as the Kash memo."

— MSNBC (@MSNBC) February 2, 2018

This ridiculous interpretation of what just happened:


The Republican Party...
has attacked the FBI and DOJ...
to effectively take Russia's side...
in their cyberattack on our democracy.


— Peter Daou (@peterdaou) February 2, 2018

Then there’s this Daily Beast columnist, who thinks top FBI officials using a DNC-funded dossier to obtain a surveillance warrant against an American and hiding their sources from a FISA judge is shrugs-o-plenty.

Wow. This Nune memo is even less impressive than I thought. All these mouth-breathing idiots who called this worse than Watergate just got clowned.

— Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) February 2, 2018

Just CNN, defending using blatantly biased sources.

"Informants are not always as clear as the snow. Just the opposite," @GloriaBorger points out on @CNN. "You can get good info from sources who come at you with a bias." (I would just add: Journalists do that every day)

— Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) February 2, 2018

This NYT reporter, who thinks the FBI spying on an American citizen using a deceptively-obtained FISA warrant obtained using info paid for by a rival campaign only matters if the public knows…which negates the entire point of a secret FISA warrant.

Wait so the memo just says that the allegations in the dossier prompted a secret investigation into the Trump campaign...which was not disclosed to the public and did not influence the election?

— Jose A. Del Real (@jdelreal) February 2, 2018

This attempt by the LA Times to pooh-pooh the FBI flat-out lying to a FISA court.


We're not sure that a FISA judge would feel the same, guys.

While the total fallout from the Nunes memo remains to be seen, one thing's for sure: the left-wing media's still far more worried about their narrative than reporting facts.

Must be just another Friday.

(Cover Photo: Gage Skidmore)

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