Liberal Logic: The Hollywood Plan To Destroy Guns

Eric Scheiner | October 31, 2018
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Hollywood has come up with a new idea to address the guilt the liberals have acquired from all the money they make glamorizing guns in their movies, and it’s a doozy.

Production company Level Forward has announced a gun-neutral initiative to offset the portrayal of guns in their productions, making a commitment to destroy 10 firearms for every one that they feature.

The initiative kicks off with the unironically named Killer Films’ feature “American Woman.” The film deals with a group of female self-styled revolutionaries. According to Variety, for the “69 guns featured on screen in that pic, 690 will be destroyed.”

Variety says the goal is to help “counteract what is often seen as the glamorization of guns in popular entertainment.” 

Yeah, I’m sure this logic of 'destroying guns that you showcase in your films to end your "glamorization" of guns' works in some liberal’s mind.

But the thread of logic gets even more twisted, Level Forward has teamed up with the One Less Gun organization, a group that identifies stockpiles of firearms that can be taken out of circulation… in other countries.

One Less Gun programs include swapping “arms for agriculture” and the “art of disarmament” - which offers gun owners the opportunity to turn in their weapons and they’ll be used for a planned sculpture. Even better, the gun donors get to own a chunk of that sculpture based on the weight of the weapon they turned in. What third-world occupant could turn down an offer like that?

Oh, the logic that will be twisted in order for Hollywood liberals to justify their money making enterprises.

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