Liberal Journalist Arrested for Jewish Community Center Bomb Threats

MRC Contributor | March 3, 2017

On Friday, police arrested left-wing journalist Juan Thompson of St. Louis, Mo., for reportedly making empty bomb threats against Jewish Community Centers. 

Thompson, 31, is accused of making at least eight threats against Jewish Community Centers and schools across the United States, part of a wave of threats that have cropped up over the past several months. 

Documents released by federal authorities reveal Thompson's Twitter handle to be @JuanMThompson. An overview of his account reveals him to be both a Bernie Sanders voter, as well as a left-wing journalist. Thompson was actually fired by The Intercept after fabricating fake news stories in which he'd made up quotes and misled colleagues. 

According to the court documents, Thompson also made many threats to Jewish centers under the name of his ex-girlfriend, whom he was allegedly cyber-stalking and attempted to blame for the threats. Curiously, Thompson even expressed solidarity with the victims of these threats on his Twitter. 

The left faking hate-crimes for personal gain is nothing new, but Thompson appears to have taken things to a new low. 

The past two months have seen a rise in anti-Semitic attacks and threats on Jewish centers and even cemeteries. Nearly 60 bomb threats were made against Jewish community centers in the month of January alone, with more than 120 bomb threats reported so far in 2017.

On Friday, a Jewish cemetery was vandalized in New York, the third such incident in the past three weeks. Two other Jewish cemeteries were recently vandalized in Philadelphia and St. Louis.