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Liberal Group Using Therapy Dogs to Lure Young People to Register and Vote in Midterms


NextGen America has launched a new, secret political weapon heading into the midterm elections: therapy puppies.

The liberal group is running a “Pups to the Polls” campaign that brings therapy dogs to college campuses and uses them as bait to get college students to register to vote.

NextGen founder and billionaire liberal activist Tom Steyer is pouring $30 million into the initiative "in what’s believed to be the largest voter engagement effort of its kind in U.S. history," according to The Associated Press. 

AP reports,

Students returning to the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus this summer were greeted by therapy dogs for petting. Those lured by the chance to ruffle a dog’s ears were then asked to register to vote — a 'Pups to the Polls' gimmick that was just one of several similar events being staged in 11 battleground states by the liberal group NextGen America.

Young people tend to vote for Democrats, but they also tend stay away during midterm elections. It’s a perennial frustration for the party — one they are trying to overcome as they seek to take control of Congress.

NextGen America, formed by billionaire activist Tom Steyer, hopes to be a game changer. Steyer is investing more than $30 million in what’s believed to be the largest voter engagement effort of its kind in U.S. history.

The push to register and get pledges from college students to vote is focusing on states such as Wisconsin, Virginia, California and North Carolina with competitive races for Congress, U.S. Senate and other offices.

NextGen is even promoting it on social media: 

"Stop Trump and pet cute pups!" the video says. 

Bringing therapy dogs to college campuses is nothing new. Student organizations or the colleges themselves organize for therapy dogs to come during finals season to offer stressed out students some comfort. But never to manipulate students into registering to vote. 

It makes you wonder, what next?

H/T Fox News Insider

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