Liberal Asks Twitter to Choose Between Cheap Gas and 'Democracy' - and Instantly Regrets It

Brittany M. Hughes | June 15, 2022
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A liberal Hollywood producer thought he was pulling a clever one Tuesday when he threw out a poll on Twitter asking people to choose between cheap gas and democracy – and got more than he bargained for.

Andy Ostroy, producer of the HBO Max documentary “Adrienne” and a self-proclaimed “proud Democrat” with nearly 90,000 Twitter followers, likely thought he was exposing the right’s supposed love of money over freedom when he posted: “Serious question for Republicans and independents: What would you rather have, $2.50/gallon gas or a democracy?”

Given that he didn’t actually attach a voting mechanism along with his question, another Twitter user did the kindness of adding it for him, replying: “Answer the man!”

Hilariously, 95% of respondents voted, “Gas.”

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But it was the more than 11,000 replies to Ostroy’s original question that were the true goldmine, many of which proved that not only is the choice between affordable gas and freedom a false premise to begin with, but that Ostroy himself – like many leftists, apparently – fundamentally misunderstands America’s form of government.

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