Liberal Activist Compares US Border Patrol to the KKK

Joe Schoffstall | June 25, 2010
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During the the U.S. Social Forum, 'social justice activists' gather together and establish unity around common goals of justice while building ties between different organizations. At the forum in Detroit, MI, community activist Elena Herrada compared the border patrol to the KKK and encouraged those in attendance to shun them. The following is a creed of the unity they speak of: "When we go into our restaurants and there's border patrol sitting there, would you sit next to the Ku Klux Klan if there were sitting there in a restaurants with a hood on over their heads? Thank you. Then say that when you see them. Say that when you see them because they have no good intention. They only have intentions of destroying. They're not like the police, who will sometimes answer a call and--you know-- police are kinda, regular, you know they're not all head busted and they're not all looking for trouble with everybody. There's a place in the community for police. But there is no place for border patrol in the community. They have no good intentions. They have no good intentions. So when you see them, refuse to sit with them, refuse to eat with them. Pretend like, you know, they are the menace that they are. Pretty soon everybody will catch onto it, and they won't feel so god damned good and comfortable to terrorize our communities."  (via

Was ACORN present at this forum? Better yet, who gives someone like Herrada a speaking platform to begin with?