Lia Thomas’ Former Teammate Joins Gaines, Says University ‘Effectively Silenced’ the Team

Haika Mrema | June 7, 2023
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Paula Scanlan, from the University of Pennsylvania, broke her silence on swimming with “trans” athlete Lia Thomas and the media’s manipulation of the swim team in staying silent. After appearing anonymously in Daily Wire’s “What is a Woman?” documentary, she publicly shared her story a year later with the film’s star, Matt Walsh. 

“I had a longer conversation with Paula where she revealed a number of details that weren’t covered in the film,” Walsh said in a tweet.

After sharing the initial effect of Thomas joining the women’s team, the swimmer explained how she watched her teammates “lose out” on swim opportunities due to Thomas taking their place. A “very upset” girl “went crying to the athletic department” about her loss only to come out with a completely different sentiment, according to Scanlan. 

“I don’t know what they [athletic department] said to her, but she then was completely on board and thought Lia swimming was like this magical beautiful thing,” Scanlan said. “There was something going on in that athletic department that wanted to keep us quiet, and I was like ‘This is getting scary.’” 

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Scanlan said the department held a meeting two days later where they were told, “Don’t talk to the media, you will regret it” and “Lia swimming is a non-negotiable.” 

“The university wanted us to be quiet and they did it in a very effective way,” Scanlan told Walsh “They effectively silenced us even in talking to each other.”

Scanlan shared that she’s ready to join Riley Gaines in the fight to protect women’s sports. 

“This is a really big cause and one of the biggest things I can be a part of,” Scanlan said. “It’s not just about me, it’s not just about Riley, it's about fighting for women and girls across the country, and I think that’s who I’m here for.” 

In a desperate attempt to impose their “woke” agenda, universities are suppressing free speech among students and threatening their livelihoods. As a result, women across the country have to stand by in fear of retribution as their spaces and opportunities are stripped away by men. 

Scanlan and Gaines are pillars in the fight to protect women nationwide. These women chose courage despite the detrimental risks that could arise from their actions and that’s commendable. Their bravery is necessary to encourage more voices to speak out against this injustice.


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