LGBTQ Group Gives $10,000 to 70+ Schools to Indoctrinate Kids

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | August 7, 2023
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LGBTQ activist group “It’s Gets Better Project” just awarded thousands of dollars to schools across the country to promote none other than gender ideology. Schools across the country accepted the money and are using it to indoctrinate and push LGBTQ propaganda to students. 

As Daily Caller reported, the groomer group gave over 70 public and charter schools throughout the United States and Canada thousands of dollars to indoctrinate kids. Supposedly, the group gave each school $10,000 “to promote gender ideology, support ‘Gender Sexuality Alliance’ (GSA) clubs and put on Pride Week celebrations.” 

The initiative's website indicates that they’ve promised a total of $625,000 in grants to these schools. Here’s what Brian Wenke, Executive Director of the “It Gets Better Project,” said about the initiative:

Amid ongoing efforts to silence or stigmatize discussion about LGBTQ+ identity in the classroom, it’s more important than ever to ensure that LGBTQ+ students feel that they are welcomed, accepted and able to be their full selves at school. Through the 50 States, 50 Grants, 5000 Voices program, we are giving students, teachers  and administrators the resources they have determined they need to help make their schools more LGBTQ+ inclusive and supportive. We’re so excited to watch these projects flourish and see the ways that schools and entire communities will benefit from these efforts to celebrate and empower their LGBTQ+ students.

Geez! Tell me you like grooming kids without telling me you like grooming kids. 

The website also boasted about how each of the schools who received a grant would spend their funds. 

In Alabama, a high school will use the money to buy LGBTQ books, pay guest speakers and fund a field trip to a “queer heritage site.” Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the drag “nuns,” and Impact Academy of Arts and Technology are partnering up and planning to host a back-to-school shopping day for trans and nonbinary students. It'll likely be decked with lots of tucking shorts and compression tops to suppress the unwanted bulges of the confused children. 

In Lynchburg, Virginia, the $10,000 will be used to create a GSA club “safe room,” its website states. A school in Vermont is going to collaborate with the local community to create a pride crosswalk, and a school in West Virginia is going to create what it calls “inclusivity zones” for LGBTQ kids to “feel supportive and attend events.”

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This money should've never been allowed to be gifted to these schools who care more about indoctrinating their kids and pushing an agenda than they do about teaching actual academic curriculum or things that will actually benefit students in the long run.

“The group is funding programs and curricula that are inappropriate for children and certainly inappropriate for classrooms in public schools," Erika Sanzi, director of operations at Parents Defending Education (PDE) told the Daily Caller. "The fact that they funded a program for a public school to work with the anti-Catholic organization Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence shows that the group is more than willing to work with those who practice bigotry against Americans who think and believe differently from them.”

You know what’s funny? I bet that if a Christian organization offered $10,000 to 70 different schools to enrich the schools' religious literature, create prayer rooms and allow Bible reading kids the opportunity to share and express their beliefs, there’d be media and leftist uproar. People would go nuts claiming that the “religious-right” wants to “indoctrinate” kids. But here we are, allowing another “religion” the religion of the left, to push its delusion and brainwash students. 

The hypocrisy is uncanny.


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