LGBT News Outlet Hails Four-Year-Old Prince George As a 'Gay Icon'

Maureen Collins | August 11, 2017
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An LGBT news outlet praised Prince George of England as a "gay icon." He is four years old.

On July 25, Pink News published a story about a photograph of the very young prince where he is pictured with his hands on his chin in an effeminate manner. The article featured tweets from people who lauded Prince George's fluid sexuality with comments like, "Prince George is the most unlikely gay icon of the year" and, "Do we have our first openly gay royal??"

Again, Prince George is four. 

The article said that this "isn't about [Prince George's] sexuality," but that "it's also important to spread awareness that heterosexuality or stereotypical masculinity isn't a default." 

If it's not about sexuality, then why are people praising a preschooler as a model for an entire sexual orientation? The article claims that the "awareness" will help children not be forced into a heteronormative label that they do not identify with. But is not the author and those on Twitter forcing a homosexual label on the young royal? This is a treasure trove of contradictions. 

Not surprisingly, outrage has erupted over the article. This week, Northern Ireland politician Jim Allister called out the article for it's "outrageous and sick" characterization of a member of the royal family and demanded it be retracted.

Benjamin Cohen, the head of PinkNews defended the article as "tounge-in-cheek" and only based off of Twitter comments.

"At no point did PinkNews state that Prince George is a 'gay icon'- the article merely reported on a large volume of social media posts saying that he was," Cohen said. 

Well, first, people say plenty of things on social media. It doesn't necessarily warrant a think-piece. Secondly, the strange diatribe about a "conversation" breaking down heteronormativity for young children was definitely part of the article. 

Talking about a four-year-old as a sexual icon could have stayed in the dark recesses of social media. But, thanks to this article, it has become a large and messy "conversation." 

About, again, a four-year-old.

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