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LGBT Fans Are Super Excited About This Gay Nativity, Claiming 'Jesus Had Two Dads'


LGBT proponents are all atwitter – literally – over one L.A. couple’s Nativity set that features two Josephs, sans Mary, standing around a plastic Baby Jesus.

Because for progressives, nothing is sacred. Not even the birth of Christ.

Our neighbors’ two Joseph nativity is up & I’m beaming 🎄👬

— Cameron Esposito (@cameronesposito) November 24, 2017


Despite the fact that the entire scene makes a complete mockery of the Christian faith, it seems that LGBT fans were all too pleased with the set-up.

The Bible says that Jesus had two dads. I see nothing wrong with this.

— Hope ❤💛💚💙💜 (@starkidhope) November 25, 2017

He did have two dads.

— Mall Santa Matt🎅🏽 (@Chewwie7) November 25, 2017

Here's my gaytivity scene with 2 Marys. ❤️

— Mrs Lady (@Rogue_MrsLady) November 26, 2017

Salesperson: Sirs, it comes with the whole set, I can't sell you two Josephs.

Later: Gays high-fiving lesbian neighbors as there are now two same-sex nativity sets on their block.

— Moxie Jane (@shamemystalker) November 25, 2017

Waiting on the two Mary’s!! Love this❣️

— Mary McMullen (@suecreekmarymac) November 25, 2017

Well I mean biblically speaking little Jesus did have two dads. These guys just want to be as accurate as possible 👨‍👨‍👦🏳️‍🌈

— Analise Robison (@RobisonAnalise) November 25, 2017


Of course, the nonsensical liberal logic train can't pull in to one station without derailing somewhere else. At least one person pointed out that by totally ousting Mary from the Nativity story did more to diminish the role of women than it did to promote gay rights.

No. The Virgin Mary did all the work and made all the sacrifice. This profound sexism here negates any good done here to combat homophobia. You can be pro-gay rights without erasing the greatest woman who ever lived & is the center of the nativity miracle.

— Blackbird 25 (@5n20_Blackbirds) November 27, 2017


Just to clear this up – and I can’t believe this actually needs to be said, but apparently it's a common myth in the gay community – Jesus did not, in fact, have “two dads” in any gay sense of the term. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born to a virgin. Think of Joseph as a Divinely appointed stepfather. Is your stepdad gay? No? Didn’t think so. Neither was Jesus’. Crack a Bible.

Of course, in this scenario, Baby Jesus would have had to have literally fallen out of the sky or something, because – cover your ears, snowflakes – men can’t have babies. But who needs Mary when you’ve got a progressive point quota to meet?

Then again, the LGBT community has never exactly been one for Biblical truth (see that time they put on a play featuring "Adam and Steve"), so this fits.

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