Levin: Pro-Lifers, Parents, Catholics, Free Speech – ‘They’re All Under Brutal Assault by Federal Law Enforcement’

Craig Bannister | July 17, 2023
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“What are we to make of all of this? It's not America anymore. That's what I make of it. The Democrat Party owns the Justice Department. You don't hear of Republicans doing this sort of thing in a Republican administration,” Constitutional Scholar Mark Levin said Sunday, warning of the Biden Administration’s unprecedented assault on the First Amendment.

“This is why I take the time to go through the attacks on Donald Trump, because he is illustrative of the problem,” Levin explained in the opening segment of the latest episode of “Life, Liberty & Levin”:

“People who protest at abortion clinics, parents who peacefully protest at school boards, traditional Catholics, the internet, free speech - they are all under brutal assault by federal law enforcement.

“And there sits the attorney general of the United States, [Merrick] Garland, like a mob lawyer quietly directing everything behind-the-scenes, so you can’t see him, you can’t hear him, you can’t watch him. He comes out like Mr. Magoo, makes a few statements and shuffles off the stage.

“He is diabolical.

“The people working for him are diabolical.

“What’s going on with the special counsel [prosecuting former Republican President Donald Trump] is hideous and unconscionable.”

“This is why this is such an important issue. This is why the pollsters can’t understand: ‘These Republicans, they won't move off target here. Why do they keeping supporting this guy?’ and so forth.”

“Because they know tyranny when they see it. And I know totalitarianism when I see it,” Levin explained, vowing to continue to use every means at his disposal to defend the right to free speech:

“And, as long as I have this platform and every other platform I'm going to speak out against it. I have more material here - stacks of material - that indict the FBI, the Department of Justice, the White House and the whole bunch of them.”

“And, if we have Republican candidates that don't have a problem with this - ‘I think [FBI Director] Chris Wray is a good guy he put reforms in place’ – there is no hope for them and there is no hope for us,” Levin concluded.

The full opening segment, in which Levin details some of the Biden Administration's weaponization of government against the free speech rights of parents, pro-life activists, Catholics and others, is presented below: