Levin: Media Creates Anti-Trump ‘Conga Line’ Of Fake News

Eric Scheiner | April 20, 2018
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Why are non-existent, untrue stories always taking the headlines?

“Because that is what much of the media have become,” Talk Show host Mark Levin told Fox News Friday.

“Whatever happened to that clown Michael Wolff, who wrote that nasty book?  They pushed him for ten days he fell off the edge of the earth,” Levin said.

“Whatever happened to the professor at Yale that was running around talking about the president’s mental state? They pushed her off the edge of the earth.”

“Now they have a porno star, when she’s done they’ll push her off the end of the earth.”

“It doesn’t matter, it’s a conga line of storylines, that are as the president calls it ‘fake news’  -that’s propaganda if you will.”