Levin: Biden’s Weaponized DOJ Has ‘Taken the United States of America and Dragged Us into a Hell Hole’

Craig Bannister | June 9, 2023
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“We have never seen anything like this in the United States. We saw it under Stalin,” Constitutional Scholar Mark Levin said Thursday, reacting to news that the Biden Administration’s weaponized Justice Department has indicted former President Donald Trump.

“I don’t want to hear from the legal analysts the technicalities about false statements and obstruction – this should never have been a criminal case,” an impassioned Levin explained to Fox News Channel Host Sean Hannity:

“This is a document case, a document case, where a president of the United States, or a former president, faces a hundred years in federal prison.

“What did he do with the documents? Did he sell them to the enemy? No - that’s why we have an Espionage Act, not to trip up a president.

“What did he do: did he burn them all? No – the government has all the documents back, so there is no violation of the Presidential Records Act, at this point. But, they throw the book at him.”

“What’s going on here is a disgusting disgrace. It is war on Trump. It is war on the Republican Party. And, it is a war on the Republic,” Levin said, noting that the Biden Administration’s prosecution of a political opponent is redolent of an autocracy, not a democratic government:

“A weaponized U.S. attorney, a weaponized attorney general of the United States have unleashed the full force of the United States government against a former president, the leading Republican nominee to take on the existing president.

“We have never seen anything like this in the United States. We saw it under Stalin. We’ve seen it in other autocracies, Marxist regimes, fascist regimes, the Third World – but, they have taken the United States of America and they have dragged us into a Hell Hole. This is embarrassing, it’s humiliating.”

“And I would say this to our fellow Americans: don’t be bamboozled by these cable channels and these fools who come on and tell you, ‘Well, he’s not above the law’” Levin warned, regarding the multiple efforts to prosecute Trump:

“Democrat attorney general in New York.

“Democratic prosecutor in Manhattan.

“Democrat prosecutor in Atlanta.

“Democrat attorney general in Washington, D.C.

“What do you mean he’s not above the law? There is no law.”

“This is a disgusting, disgusting mark on American history, for the future to come, by these bandits in the White House, by the Democrat Party that don’t play fair anymore,” Levin said:

“They don’t want to just win elections. They want to take control of this country. They want one-party rule. And they have used the Department of Justice and the FBI to get what they want.”

What’s more, this type of selective prosecution is typical for Biden’s radical leftists:

“The Radical Left is doing what the Radical Left does – while they covered up for Biden, the way they covered up for Hillary. If Donald Trump is to be charged like this, Hillary Clinton should’ve been charged with ten thousand counts of obstruction - because that’s how many emails she destroyed – and five counts of destroying cell phones, because that’s how many cell phones they destroyed.”

“Joe Biden is the crookedest crook in that’s ever been in the Oval Office – everywhere we look, there’s a predicate for a special counsel,” Levin said.

“They won’t appoint a special counsel, even though it’s compelled under the law in which they appointed this special counsel.” Levin said. “And, you’re not supposed to appoint a special counsel against your political opponent. You’re supposed to appoint one in the case of Biden.”

Levin then warned the Biden Administration that it has “crossed the Rubicon” and that the tens of millions of Americans who respect the Constitution “will never forgive you. Never, ever.”

“And that’s the bottom line,” Levin concluded.