'Let's Stone [Palin], Old School'

DannyG | October 17, 2008
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To hear the liberal media tell it, the only mean and crazy people in the world are conservatives. But blogger Michelle Malkin does a stellar job of proving otherwise by exposing the stories about mean and crazy liberals. Her latest installment links to an MSM report from Philadelphia that conveniently buries the lead -- people spouting nasty comments, and at least one of them threatening, at Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin. Readers don't learn about the shouts of "Let's stone her, old school" and "Wait till your daughter wants an abortion, you hypocrite" until the 20th paragraph. When that kind of rhetoric is aimed at Barack Obama, it warrants blaring headlines. In the same post, Malkin linked to a photo of a vulgar t-shirt aimed at Palin. The anti-Palin liberal who uploaded that picture quickly removed it once people started criticizing the picture. Embarrassing footage of liberals has been disappearing from the Internet often lately. Conservatives need to take to the streets with their cameras and videocameras to catch liberal nonsense on film themselves if they want to have any hope of the stories being told fairly -- and lastingly. UPDATE: A 23-year-old McCain hater in New York named Bernard Feuerman has a court date in January after allegedly grabbing a McCain supporter's sign and hitting her in the face at a McCain rally. -- K. Daniel Glover