'Let's Go Brandon'/'FJB' Roundup: Trump Cracks a Smile for 'Brandon' Chant at World Series

Nick Kangadis | November 1, 2021
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Just when you thought the chants, signs and other displays of "F**k Joe Biden" and "Let's Go Brandon" were dying down, Halloween showed up and reignited the trend.

We'll get to the Halloween-related examples in a minute. First, did you see former President Donald Trump not only join in with Atlanta Braves fans doing the "Tomahawk chop" during Saturday's Game 4 of the World Series, but he gave a smile and chuckle when fans chanted "Let's Go Brandon" near where he was sitting.

Now back to our regularly scheduled Brandon/Biden "spooktacular!" (Note: some images and/or videos display vulgar language and "hand gestures.")






Here are other examples from around the country over the last few days:





Well America, tell us how you really feel? I think we all know how a growing portion of this country feels about the Beijing Biden regime.

That's it for another weekly roundup of the "Let's Go Brandon"/"F**k Joe Biden" craze that's sweeping the nation, unless you get offended really easily.