'Let's Go Brandon' Joins 'F**k Joe Biden' as the Chants of Choice Over the Weekend

Nick Kangadis | October 11, 2021

For those that have thought that the 'F**k Joe Biden' chants are a little too vulgar for their taste but still have a healthy animus towards President Joe Biden, the rallying cry of "Let's Go Brandon" has provided them a substitute they can live with.

If you remember, the "Let's Go Brandon" craze came after an NBC NASCAR reporter told the audience and winning driver Brandon Brown that the crowd was chanting "Let's Go Brandon" on October 2 instead of what they were actually chanting, "F**k Joe Biden."

This past weekend both chants could be heard at colleges across the country, with some even going so far as to make signs instead of chanting:




"F**k Joe Biden" was even seen on a construction sign outside an NFL game:

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming of "possibly" drunk college kids taking up the mantle:

This one might be my favorite of the entire weekend. Someone actually rented a plane to fly over the Auburn game with a banner that read, "Let's Go Brandon."

The acronym for "F**k Joe Biden," which for those playing the home game is "FJB," has even hit the Halloween market:

And for posterity, here's a good ol' "F**k Joe Biden chant from the Ole Miss game for you:

Perhaps the shocking use of "F**k Joe Biden" over the last week was in from of the U.S. Embassy in Rome, Italy during an anti-lockdown protest:

That's right. "F**k Joe Biden" has gone international!