‘Let Me Educate Your Oblivious, Deranged Newspaper’: Hannity Goes Off on WaPo for ISIS Leader ‘Obituary’

Monica Sanchez | October 29, 2019
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Fox News’ Sean Hannity slammed The Washington Post during his show Monday night for its “obituary” for late ISIS leader Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi, calling the newspaper “oblivious” and “deranged.”

"Baghdadi was evil personified, a mass murderer, serial rapist, brutal con man. He led the most barbaric terrorist organization on Earth," said Hannity.

"Jeff Bezos, your newspaper,” he continued. “Let me educate your oblivious, deranged newspaper. Baghdadi was no scholar. He was a radical Islamic extremist, an evil S.O.B. He got cornered by members of the toughest, greatest military heroes on the face of this Earth and then blew himself up like the coward he is. And Baghdadi is, I'm pretty certain, rotting in hell as we speak."

Hannity went on to discuss how the U.S. military operation in Syria that resulted in al-Baghdadi’s death was named after humanitarian aid worker Kayla Mueller, who in 2013 was kidnapped, tortured, and ultimately killed by ISIS in 2015. 

He added that for The Washington Post "to ever refer to this terrorist scum as an 'austere religious scholar' is sick, ugly, twisted, and exactly why America will never trust these corrupt mainstream media fake news outlets ever again."

Check out his fiery remarks below.