Lemon Sent: Don Lemon’s Atty Sends Notice To Megyn Kelly

Eric Scheiner | November 11, 2021
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CNN host Don Lemon’s attorney sent a letter this week to Megyn Kelly for interviewing Dustin Hice, who has accused the CNN host of sexual assault.

The letter claims that Kelly presented a “lopsided and inaccurate” account of the interaction between Lemon and Hice on her SirusXM program.

Don Lemon is facing sexual assault allegations stemming from an incident at a bar on New York's Long Island during the summer of 2018.


According to Fox News: 

'[Lemon] put his hand down the front of his own shorts, and vigorously rubbed his genitalia, removed his hand and shoved his index and middle fingers into Plaintiff's mustache and under Plaintiff's nose,' according to the lawsuit, filed Aug. 11, 2019 in Suffolk County Court.

'Lemon intensely pushed his fingers against Plaintiff’s face under Plaintiff’s nose, forcing Plaintiff’s head thrust backward as Defendant repeatedly asked Plaintiff ‘Do you like p---y or d--k?’ While saying this, Mr. Lemon continued to shove his fingers into Plaintiff’s face with aggression and hostility," the suit alleges.


The Daily Wire notes that Hice’s boss at the time of the alleged incident, George Gounelas, came forward to corroborate the allegations.

During the program Kelly said CNN has "inserted itself in this lawsuit" and has labeled Hice a "liar and an extortionist."

RadarOnline obtained a copy of the letter from lawyer Caroline J. Polisi, claiming it ends “with some strong words for Megyn.”

 ‘I hope you will correct your reckless reporting today, and the prior public statements you have made about this case—statements that demonstrated a reckless disregard for the truth and absolutely no effort on your part to try to ascertain the facts.’

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