LEGO to Focus on Breaking Traditional Gender Roles With Future Toy Sets

Gabriel Hays | October 19, 2021
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If there’s one thing an overly-expensive toy company should do to sell their product, it’s most definitely to promote progressive gender politics. 

Recently, LEGO came out with an announcement that it would work to make its future products more inclusive to all kids by trying to remove “gender stereotypes.” Hmm, what does that mean? Making the cool LEGO vehicle sets less cool and more girly?

Apparently, so. LEGO found out via a survey they commissioned that ladylike qualities are on the rise in all children of the world, whether they’re boys or girls. Of course, we see this in our society daily, where boys are heavily encouraged to embrace their feelings, cross dress and even change gender if they feel that’s what they need to do.

However, the toy company ran into an issue. They found out through this study that despite more kids wanting to blur the gender lines, society was still bigoted against boys doing girl stuff!

According to Just The News, the study showed that “seventy-one percent of the boys surveyed feared they would be mocked by their peers if they played with ‘girls' toys.’” In addition, the presumably horrified plastic-brick makers found out that parents enforce gender stereotypes.

You mean parents want their boys to be boys? Shocking.

The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media CEO Madeline Di Nonno, whose organization conducted the survey at the behest of the toy company, explained that this is because we all haven’t embraced gender-neutrality enough. “Until societies recognize that behaviors and activities typically associated with women are as valuable or important, parents and children will be tentative to embrace them.”

Um, what? Are we living in the 1950s? Are our second-class citizen wives typically chained to their kitchen ovens these days? And, also, what part of society is promoting toxic masculinity or really pushing archetypes of masculinity? Certainly not pop culture or the media. 

But, based on the resistance to the brave new gender-neutral world that progressives want -- resistance that’s mostly coming from sane parents -- LEGO made their new announcement. 

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The toy company just wants to create a space for girls and feminine boys to get into LEGOs. The company referenced neurobiology professor Gina Rippon who claimed that girls who are encouraged to do more feminine things like dance or dressing up rather than playing with LEGOs “aren’t developing the spatial skills that will help them in later life.”

Ah, yes, LEGO has been callous and ignorant of all the little girls out there -- oh, and boys wanting permission to love pink things -- with each and every one of their overpriced Star Wars sets in the past. Cool sci-fi stuff with explosions, laser swords and spaceships? That denotes too much rough and tumble appeal.

LEGO Chief Product and Marketing Officer Julia Goldin said, “Our job now is to encourage boys and girls who want to play with sets that may have traditionally been seen as ‘'not for them.'"

Ah, so that’s what this is about. Why can’t LEGO just admit they need more people to buy their annoying products? Rather than go woke, they could try lowering the price points on some of their sets.

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