Legally-Armed Bystanders Break Up Walmart Shooting

danjoseph | June 28, 2016
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Augusta police are claiming that two armed bystanders stopped a pair of gunmen who were engaged in a dangerous altercation at a Wal Mart in Maine on Monday.

Police claim that the incident occurred after two suspects in parked cars began shooting at each other.

The shooting then paused as one of the suspects exited his vehicle to confront the other suspect.

It was at this point that two bystanders, both of whom were legally carrying handguns, stepped in and stopped the altercation. 

Despite the fact that the two armed citizens may have saved several lives, the Augusta police department released a statement saying that they do not encourage civilians to step into these types of situations

Only one of the suspects was injured when a bullet grazed his stomach. Both remain in custody.

Hat Tip: Twitchy