Lefty Writer Says Men Parading Nude In Front of Kids Is Normal

Brittany M. Hughes | June 26, 2023
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Amid rightly placed outrage from conservatives over nudists parading sans clothing in front of minors at various “Pride” events across the country, one lefty journalist would have you know that men flashing their junk at children isn’t a particularly bad thing.

In fact, he says, it’s quite normal, and you shouldn’t be the least upset about it.

“Seeing a man naked on a bike isn't going to have much of an impact on any kid. They have likely see their father or bother [sic] naked before,” radical left-wing writer Brian Krassenstein penned on Twitter in an effort to justify fat nude men sashaying full monte down public streets in front of underage kids as part of their city’s “Pride” event.

Because, as we all know, children - including little girls - seeing their dad naked is totally normal and expected, and is also exactly the same as watching a bunch of overweight strangers let it all hang out on Main Street.

“Sharing an uncensored video of a naked man on a bike to an audience of possibly 30 million kids on Twitter is arguably worse that riding a bike naked in front of a kid or two in a planned event that the kid's parent took them to,” Krassenstein blame-shifted, before adding, “There are much much worse things the average kid will see or hear online and offline in a typical week.

The argument here, if I understand correctly, is that conservatives are the bad guys for sharing displays of left-wing debauchery online in an effort to criticize it - even though said debauchery really isn't very debauched in the first place. And also, rubber-ducky-foot-fetish-furry-bondage porn probably exists, so kindergarteners seeing a horde of naked men is no real biggie by comparison.

Got it.

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Or, perhaps it's actually quite normal for any decent person - Krassenstein here obviously excluded - to be disgusted by perverse attention-seeking adults strolling in their birthday suits down a public avenue in full view of toddlers. It is, in fact, why we have things like public decency laws and regulations on children being allowed into strip clubs - rules that all get tossed out the window every June in order to appease the alphabet mafia.

For instance, Bud Light sponsored a Toronto “Pride” event over the weekend that featured grown men sporting bondage gear and multiple other groups of naked dudes parading through the street where children were present.

Nudists also exposed themselves to kids at “Pride” events in Seattle as well as New York City, where activists openly chanted, "We're coming for your children!"


Meanwhile, men who at least had the decency to cover up their nether regions often did so by donning women’s clothing, scanty stripper outfits, fetish gear meant to look like dogs, and even inflatable penis costumes.

Let's sum up: if you're an adult who needs attention so badly you're willing to display everything God gave you on a public street in front of kids, you likely need more mental help than most professionals can provide.

And if you're a hack writer bending over backwards to defend this perversion, you should delete your account and go find Jesus.

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