Lefty Who Harassed Sinema In Bathroom Is Bernie Supporting, Eco Activist

Gabriel Hays | October 4, 2021
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One of the far left activists who harassed Senator Kyrsten Sinema in an Arizona State University bathroom over the weekend appears to have a history of obnoxious political activism.

According to FoxNews.com and a few other sources, one of the activists who ended up threatening Sinema for her lack of support for Biden’s $3.5 trillion “Build Back Better” spending bill is a Bernie Sanders fanatic who attends far left eco-rallies in DC, has harassed Sinema on other occasions and also goes by the name “Auntie Feefa” on her Twitter account.

Because of course.

FoxNews.com reported on October 4 that one Sophia Marjanovic outed herself on Facebook as being one of several activists that got up close and personal with Senator Sinema in an ASU bathroom.

Marjanovic decided to post a status pushing back against people who claimed that what she did was inappropriate, accusing them of “tone-policing,” which they had no right to do.

“None of you have a right to tone police my desperate demands for labor protections after what I have endured as a human trafficking survivor due to the f---ed up gig economy,” Marjanovic wrote.

Clearly, she would do it again. 

But who is Sophia Marjanovic? Well, she has a Patreon page which links to a single YouTube video of her opening speech from a Bernie Sanders rally from 2020. In the beginning of the speech, the activist introduced herself as “Dr. Sophia Marjanovic,” the “field organizer for the Bernie Sanders campaign here in New Hampshire.”

In the clip, Marjanovic invited the audience to acknowledge that they all are standing on “indigenous land.” She was dressed in indigenous garb as well, it looked like, complete with a red handprint painted over her mouth. She also claimed to be a “water protector” of the “Oglala Lakota,” so she’s clearly an indigenous peoples activist.

Searching for Sophia Marjanovic on Twitter yielded similar results. It appears that her Twitter username is “Auntie Feefa.” Of course, we all know what that pseudonym is trying to convey.

Anyways, “Auntie Feefa’s” account seems to show us a bit more about Sophia Marjanovic that seems in line with her character. Her Twitter bio reads, “Ph.D. Immunology & Microbiology, former Field Organizer for the Bernie 2020 campaign in NH, relentless community organizer who wants to #BreakTheGigEconomy.” 

In one of her most recent Twitter threads, from October 4, Auntie Feefa admitted that she was Sophia Marjanovic. She tweeted, "I am Dr. Sophia Marjanovic, a Native American enrolled in the federally recognized tribe of the Fort Peck Oceti Sakowin, which borders the US-Canadian border." She also wrote, "I was the person in the video in the red shirt, who followed my Senator,@SenatorSinema, into the public washroom yesterday." Well, there's an admission.

She claimed, "No one is illegal on stolen Indigenous land!" and demanded "an immediate pathway to citizenship for undocumented people in the USA through the #BuildBackBetterAct."

Marjanovic's history of activism was also documented via this Twitter account. For example, Marjanovic posted a picture of herself at a “ShutDownDC” Bernie Sanders rally that happened in September 2019. The photo clearly depicted the same woman with her trademark red handprint painted on her face again. 

In the tweet’s caption, Marjanovic stated, “I am Dr. Sophia Marjanovic, Oglala Immunologist, representing my support for Bernie while I #ShutDownDC twice this past week for emergency action on climate change.”

In a tweet from October 2, Marjanovic claimed that she harassed Sen. Sinema at a fundraiser at the Royal Palms Resort. Marjanovic tweeted, “Auntie Feefa causing #GoodTrouble at the racist Royal Palms Resort and Spa where @SenatorSinema was having a fundraiser. She keeps obstructing the solutions that immigrants and workers like you and me need, so #NoJusticeNoPeace.”

And, of course, “Auntie Feefa” tweeted out the video that brought her fame -- the one of them harassing Sinema at ASU. Marjanovic had no shame about it, writing in her caption, “Auntie Feefa giving @SenatorSinema #GoodTrouble to demand that she pass the #BuildBackBetterAct so none of us have to fall into human trafficking due to lack of worker protections.”

Well, thanks for identifying yourself Marj. You may be getting a call from the authorities. 

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