Lefty Journos Target Companies That Donated to Pro-Life TX Politicians

Gabriel Hays | September 7, 2021
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Anyone or anything remotely tied to Texas’s “Heartbeat Bill” is on the receiving end of the pro-abort left’s focused rage. Now companies that have donated money to the politicians who ended up sponsoring the new law are on the chopping block.

As Newsweek reported on September 7, the left has started identifying several big name companies that have given money to the politicians who sponsored Senate Bill 8, the bill which recently became law and banned abortions in Texas once an unborn child’s heartbeat has been detected in his or her mother’s womb. 

The new law has infuriated the left, of course, and all those who have somehow maybe possibly helped contribute to it getting passed must be held accountable. The outlet wrote how Popular Information writer Judd Legum has started naming all the companies that have given money to the politicians behind the bill, namely the ones who have told the public they are “champions of women's empowerment and equality.”

In Legum's opinion, companies which have donated over $300,000 to these Texas politicians who protect unborn children are destroying women’s empowerment and therefore major hypocrites. Though, there’s nothing empowering about women killing their own kids. And what about the equal rights of unborn infants?

Forget about them. Let’s get the cancel culture meat grinder up and running. Oh, AT&T and CVS, this is what happens when you spend money on politicians the left doesn’t like.

As Newsweek detailed, Legum’s newsletter went after companies like AT&T which gave money to SB 8 sponsors while also writing celebratory posts in light of Women’s Equality Day. “AT&T has donated $301,000 to the sponsors of the abortion bill over the past few years. Popular Information notes that just days before the restrictive abortion bill came into effect in Texas, the mobile phone network issued a statement commemorating Women's Equality Day,” the outlet reported.

Of course, it’s not as though AT&T gave specifically to support SB 8 (not that that should get it cancelled anyway) or that it only gives to pro-life Republicans. But it donated to the politicians who eventually made it happen and in the left’s eyes that’s bloody evil (while abortion is A-OK). 

In addition to AT&T, Legum’s newsletter named nine other companies that have donated more than $50,000 to these politicians since 2018. These included Charter Communications ($313,000), USAA ($152,000), Farmers Insurance ($120,000), United Healthcare ($90,000), Anthem ($87,250) , GM ($72,750) and CVS Health ($72,250), among others.

In response to Popular Information’s witch hunt, a CVS Health spokesperson patiently explained that just because they gave to politicians behind the bill, it doesn’t mean they’re 100% down with the bill. “Past political contributions are by no means a blanket endorsement of an individual's position on every issue, nor are they an indication of where we'll direct our future support,” they said.

Well, that’s where they’re wrong. Did no one get the memo that this all has to be black and white and that even if CVS also gave money to politicians who voted against SB 8, it’s as liable for the for the pro-life law as the people who wrote it and signed it into law? Liberal logic.