Leftwing Organizer Who Ran Over a Trump Supporter's Head With Her Car Is Charged With Attempted Murder

Brittany M. Hughes | September 30, 2020
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A leftwing rally organizer who drove her car through a group of Trump supporters in Yorba Linda, California, running over one person’s head and breaking another’s leg, was charged with attempted murder Tuesday.

Orange County prosecutors say Tatiana Turner, who'd organized a march for the Urban Organizers Coalition, intentionally drove her car into the group of Trump supporters with the intent to kill the woman whose head she ran over. The woman was hospitalized with severe injuries, but is expected to survive.

Turner “used that vehicle as a deadly weapon, willing to injure and kill those who stood in her way,” District Attorney Todd Spitzer said in a statement.

Turner, on the other hand, has pled “not guilty” to the charge, claiming she was acting in self-defense after “fearing for her life” when she became surrounded by the pro-Trump crowd and accelerated to get out of danger.

Turner had organized what her side describes as a “peaceful” rally against racism, an event authorities say was far from peaceful. Eventually, the group ran into a crowd of Trump supporters, and that’s when police say the vehicular assault occurred.

USA Today reports that Turner is a convicted felon with a criminal record including selling drugs and domestic violence. In addition to attempted murder, she’s also been charged with six counts of assault with a deadly weapon – including one count for causing great bodily injury – along with a charge for mayhem, and two counts of the use of pepper spray by a felon.

Turner is being held on a $1 million bail.