Leftwing Group Declares That 'the Constitution Sucks, and Is Wrong About Everything'

Brittany M. Hughes | October 27, 2020
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Similar to their belief that abortion should be allowed at any time and up until any point, their belief that men can have vaginas and that children should be force-fed hyper-sexuality in the classroom, the left isn't even attempting to hide their disdain for the Constitution - a hatred evidenced by a tweet from a radical leftist group on Twitter this week declaring that "the Constitution sucks."

The left-wing Gravel Institute – an apropos name, don’t you think? – declared in a tweet Monday that “the Constitution sucks, and is wrong about everything.”

“What if – hear us out – the Constitution sucks, and is wrong about everything, and shouldn't be the basis for running a society in the 21st century?” ranted the group, which, according to its Twitter bio, "makes short videos spreading left ideas."

This isn't a new idea from the left, which has sported a hatred for our founding documents and their writers for decades now. But since they're now declaring it openly, if, as this tweet suggests, the Constitution is “wrong about everything,” here are a few things the Gravel Institute apparently thinks are “wrong”:

  • Free speech (the very freedom that grants the Gravel Institute the right to spew their nonsense in the first place)
  • The free exercise of religion
  • Freedom of the press
  • Protection from illegal search and seizure
  • A ban on cruel and unusual punishment
  • The right to vote in a free election
  • A ban on slavery
  • The separation and balance of governmental powers

Among many others, of course.

And unfortunately, thanks to a lack of basic civics education in the American public school system, more than 31,000 people have "liked" the tweet and agree with it.

Thankfully, and in an effort to save America from itself, the U.S. Senate just confirmed a new Supreme Court justice who believes the Constitution still applies as originally written.

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