Leftists See Racism Everywhere - Except When an Islamic Terrorist Targets Jews

Brittany M. Hughes | January 18, 2022

Not long after a gunman held up a handful of Jewish worshippers in a Texas synagogue for hours while demanding the release of a Muslim terrorist from prison, Joe Biden’s FBI announced the incident “was not specifically related to the Jewish community.” Even though the guy holding the gun was a Muslim, was demanding the release of a Muslim terrorist, and had chosen a synagogue full of Jewish people as the platform for his standoff with the police. We’re to believe he just randomly picked it because, I don’t know, it was closer than the Baptist church down the street.

 Funny how leftists see racism in the most arbitrary places except the most obvious ones right in front of them. Roads are racist, but attacks on synagogues aren’t. Every white dude with an AR and a pick up truck is a Nazi, but the Muslim who holds a gun to a Jew’s head is just a mentally disturbed individual and we can’t determine a motive.

Or, maybe, racism according to the left is just a political football to be kicked whichever direction best suits their purpose at the time.

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