Leftist Trolls Celebrated Rush Limbaugh’s Death – and He Taught Us Exactly How to Respond

Brittany M. Hughes | February 19, 2021
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The news had barely broken that conservative talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh had passed away from lung cancer at age 70. And a bunch of rabid leftists with nothing better to do with their time than dig a basement under rock bottom came out in droves to bash the man, saying just about every vile, heinous thing they could think of.

Within moments, “Rest in piss” was trending on Twitter – the same social media platform that supposedly bans hate speech like using the wrong pronoun for a man who wears high heels. Because the left doesn’t actually hate, hate speech. They like it just fine – when they’re the ones doing.

Thankfully, Rush left us with a perfect example of how to deal with cockroaches. When the left calls you a hateful bigot, laugh and hand them a mirror. When they accuse you of hating minorities and women and the marginalized, point out how their agenda is actively persecuting those people every single day, and then make sure your life reflects the opposite. When they scream at you to shut up, speak louder.

And above all, never, ever back down.


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