Leftist Michigan Political Figures Display COVID Hypocrisy – AGAIN

P. Gardner Goldsmith | September 8, 2021
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Once more, so-called “progressive” political figures in Michigan have been caught engaging in hypocritical behavior, and showing that they appear to care not a whit for personal accountability.

Ashley Oliver reports for Breitbart that two big-wig Dems from Michigan stepped out in style sans magic masks, despite their repeated contrived rhetorical contortions that everyone – including kids stuck in school – should wear them.

Rep. Haley Stevens (D-MI) celebrated her wedding Friday, appearing maskless next to Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel (D) at the indoor gathering, according to a photo Nessel posted to social media.

Stevens, Stevens’ husband, Nessel, and Nessel’s wife stood together maskless for the photo while tables filled with maskless attendees were visible in the background.

Rules for thee. Not for…

Nessel wrote that she officiated the wedding, stating, ‘So honored to officiate the wedding of my Congressfriend @HaleyLive. May she and Rob have many wonderful years of love and happiness’

Have you noticed that politicians incessantly chatter about how “honored” and “proud” they are of where they make PR appearances and what they do? It gets kind of tiresome, doesn’t it…?

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Likewise, it becomes slightly tiresome to see rights-grabbing politicians force their ideas for life onto others, while they behave in the opposite manner.

Breitbart’s Oliver noticed that pro-freedom Michiganders were not oblivious to the elitists double-standards. The Michigan Freedom Fund’s Tori Sachs noticed, and sounded the hypocrisy alarm on Twitter:

As Oliver notes, Congresswoman Stevens is purported to “represent” a region of Michigan that mandates kids in public schools don face diapers:

While Michigan has lifted its statewide mask mandate, state guidance still strongly encourages masking in many settings.

Stevens represents portions of Oakland and Wayne Counties, both of which have gone further than the state and imposed mask mandates for all K–12 school employees and students.

And Stevens herself has engaged in near-hysterical harangues to tell others they have to take her advice about COVID-19 in order to prevent a viral apocalypse.

Stevens’ maskless celebration also comes after she notoriously lost control during a speech about coronavirus on the House floor in March, yelling wildly while wearing pink latex gloves for people to ‘take the disease seriously’ and declaring, ‘I wear these latex gloves to tell every American to not be afraid!’ as she was repeatedly gaveled down and told she was ‘out of order.’

That’s right. Don’t be afraid. Just mimic the behavior she displays for public consumption, coat your body in latex, and watch her behave in completely contrary fashion at a big wedding reception. Totally cool.

But this seems to be a common theme for Michigan lefties. As Oliver observes, the infamous socialist Congresswoman from MI, Rashida Tlaib got caught flaunting her face while dancing – despite her COVID-alarmist posturing about masks and “following the science” – “science” that’s pushed and packaged by politicians like… Tlaib.

Another prominent Michigan Democrat, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, sparked outrage last month when she, too, was recorded maskless at a wedding, dancing among a crowd of other maskless individuals.

Then there’s Governor Whitmer’s hypocrisy on her own silly COVID19 “social distancing” and travel limits, and her Chief Operations Officer, Tricia Foster, who not only broke the Governor’s out-of-state travel restrictions to vacation in Florida with her daughter for Spring Break, she took pics on the beach, just to add to the hypocritical fun.

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And MI Attorney General Nessel just happens to be the same person who last year tried to prosecute a 77 year-old barber because he wanted to invite free and self-owning people to enter his establishment for haircuts – contrary to Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s unconstitutional COVID-19 lockdowns.

Nessel happens to be the same person who fought against a MI court ruling in favor of a wedding reception venue that did not want to cater to same-sex partners.

So, would she and Stevens be comfortable with people they didn’t want at the reception stopping by to crash the event, or can they make their own rules about their private gatherings?

The point here is not to push mask mandates on the leftists, but to stress their extreme and obvious double-standards, ranging from the masks, the mandates, and the mentality behind them, to the double-standards about private and voluntary association. Nessel and Stevens exhibit the same kind of hypocrisy as one of their philosophical progenitors, Karl Marx, who, despite telling others that there should be no private property and that all inheritances should be confiscated by the state, fought tooth-and-nail to get the cash that his father had promised to him (and more) in his will.

After nearly 200 years, one would think that folks might be able to see through charlatans like these.

Perhaps the masks are getting in the way.