Leftist Media Gives Gospel: Jesus Was A ‘Groomer’ – Wear Your Mask

Eric Scheiner | April 22, 2022
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In this week’s Wacky Moments of Leftist Extremism:

MSNBC’s Matthew Dowd was giving his gospel against conservatives as bad Christians who would disparage Jesus if he walked the streets today. “If Jesus Christ was alive today, he would be called a groomer, he would be called woke and he would be called a socialist,” Dowd proclaimed.

This week, the applause of airline passengers celebrating their first masked flights in years was met with sullen glares and stern warnings from TV news’s greatest health experts.  CBS Mornings and NBC’s Today preached fear and death on Wednesday. Working to ensure viewers stay crippled in fear of COVID-19 and view required masking as the lone backstop against illness and death. “We need the government and society to be able to protect us if a more dangerous variant comes or another health threat comes,” exclaimed one of the many TV health experts on CBS.

Univision's illegal immigration advocacy has reached the point to where the network's news division now promotes a swimming instructor that is training potential migrants on how to swim across the Rio Grande. Yes. Seriously.

TV "news" stars are now insisting that there is "nothing" Biden can do to fix inflation, immigration, and crime. It’s not his fault, they assure us. So, is there anything Biden CAN do?


To catch these moments of media madness watch the Wacky MOLE video above.

For a complete rundown on leftist media insanity head over to NewsBusters.

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