Leftist Media: Antifa Violence Is Just ‘Foolishness’ – Tucker’s Show ‘Should Be Against The Law’

Eric Scheiner | March 10, 2023
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In this week’s Wacky Moments of Leftist Extremism:

ABC’s The View suggests that the people who work at Fox News need to be prosecuted by the Department of Justice for “recruiting” “domestic terrorists” by allowing Tucker Carlson to show video given to him by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

The leftist media wants Tucker prosecuted for showing videos, but left-wing terrorism gets a polished shine. During their Tuesday updates on the Antifa terrorist attack at the construction site of a police and firefighter training center in Atlanta, Georgia, ABC’s Good Morning America and simply called it “foolishness.”

While covering that “foolishness,” neither ABC, CBS, nor NBC could be bothered to mention that Tom Jurgens of the Southern Poverty Law Center was one of the thugs arrested in the riots and charged with domestic terrorism.

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When MSNBC isn’t terrorized by Tucker they are delusional on Gov. Ron DeSantis. They called him a fascist, called him Mussolini and spread misinformation about his stance on bills before Florida’s legislature. Avoiding the truth as much as possible with their DeSantis coverage.

Speaking of avoiding truth, it should be mentioned that MSNBC’s Chris Hayes claimed New York Times is “not a liberal paper.” Really, he said this.


For a glimpse of the media’s madness watch the video above.

A complete rundown of leftist media insanity can be found at NewsBusters.

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