Leftist Loonies: Thong-Clad Drag Queen Gyrates For Child Tipper While Adults Cheer

Brittany M. Hughes | September 12, 2022
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As a person who generally supports parental rights above all else, I’ll just leave this one here: some people should have their kids taken away.

And topping that list are idiots who take small children to drag shows, forcing them to throw money at half-naked men dressed as women in lingerie gyrating on poles, atop tables, and on floors, all while the children look on, confused and unable to process what adult insanity is being forced on them.

Here’s one such adult – a parent, I assume – instructing their young kid to tip a leotard-and-thong-clad obese man with fake boobs and about three pounds of eyeliner, who then takes the money and performs a lewd dance for the child as a reward, including turning around and shaking his all-but-totally-bare rear end in the kid's line of sight.

The adult behind the camera, having lost whatever they once possessed of a mind, then posts the video with the caption "Koas first drag show." It's picked up and reposted to Twitter by LibsofTikTok.

Hilariously, Twitter then slapped a label on the video warning viewers that it contains "sensitive" content - sensitive enough to warn folks on the internet, but apparently not sensitive enough to shield a young child from it.

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The left is promoting this. Cities and their elected officials are promoting this. Tax-funded schools are promoting this.

The president and vice president of the United States of America and the political party they lead are promoting this.

And it’s just as sick as it looks.

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