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Leftist Hot Take Of the Day: Sean Hannity Once Talked To a Lawyer, So He Must Be a Criminal!


The cat is out. The gig is up. [Insert other Big Reveal metaphor here.]

It was revealed in court Monday that Fox News host Sean Hannity is Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s third and previously unnamed client to whom he’d given legal advice over the last year.

That’s it. That’s literally all that came out.

But since evidence shows Cohen had assisted his other two clients – President Donald Trump and Republican donor Elliott Broidy – in paying large sums of hush money to women with whom they’d allegedly had affairs, the entire Internet immediately assumed Monday’s “bombshell” meant Sean Hannity must have at least one scantily clad skeleton in his own closet.

There’s no evidence of that as of right now, of course. Nor is there any proof of moral misconduct or criminal wrongdoing. The only thing we know is that Hannity talked to a lawyer who also happened to represent Donald Trump.

But that didn’t stop Twitter - including many verified personalities - from immediately branding Hannity a philandering criminal who probably has sex with gay dudes.

Of course, the revelation that Hannity talked to a lawyer (again, I cannot stress enough how that’s literally all we know at this point) is hardly proof of any crime, corruption, or moral failing in and of itself. But I suppose details just aren’t important enough to wait for before rushing to instantaneous judgment.

As for Hannity himself, the Fox News host said in a statement that he never hired Cohen for legal representation.

Sources close to Hannity have said the legal advice he sought from Cohen had to do with his longstanding feud with Media Matters and didn’t include a third party, much less a woman.

But in the court of public opinion, verdicts are readily handed down before the charges are ever filed.

(Cover Photo: Gage Skidmore)

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