Leftist Groups Sue to Block DOJ's Terrorism Report For Being Offensive to Muslims

Nick Kangadis | April 10, 2018
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Those that look hard enough work tirelessly in order to find something to be offended by, even if there’s nothing there that anyone with a rationally-working brain would find offensive. Being offended has become a profession.

Two Leftist advocacy groups are now filing a lawsuit in order to block a January 2018 Department of Justice (DOJ) report that stated that the majority of people convicted of international terrorism over a 15-year period were foreign-born.

According to the Washington Times:

The request seeks to recruit federal judges to police the accuracy of the administration, in what — if it’s successful — could become a model for anti-Trump groups to push back on a president they see as having a tenuous connection to the truth.

The January report concluded that 73 percent of the 549 people convicted of international terrorism between 2001 and 2016 were foreign born.

The groups in question are Muslim Advocates and Democracy Forward.

“The report perpetuates the ongoing stigmatization of immigrants and Muslims by the administration,” the groups said, according to the Washington Times. “For example, the Trump administration has used the report to justify its sweeping ban on the entry of nationals from six Muslim-majority countries into the United States. It has also specifically tied the report’s findings to its calls for an end to the issuance of diversity and family reunification visas, which would have a significant negative impact on Muslim immigrants.”

Basically, the groups — which are ironically full of lawyers — want to block the report in order to allow more people to flood into the U.S. illegally, ignoring the laws on the books.

In the DOJ report, the term "Muslim(s)" was never used - while "Islam" was only used twice - once to describe the Islamic State (ISIS) and once in the broader term "Islamic caliphate."

The Muslim Advocates website states that their mission “envisions a world in which equality, liberty, and justice are guaranteed for all, regardless of faith, and in which the Muslim American legal community is vital to promoting and protecting these values.”

Despite Muslim Advocates claim that they want equality “regardless of faith,” the “About” section of their website merely poses that their “team of legal advocates, policy experts and communications professionals” fight to empower “American Muslim charities” and counter anything that could be deemed “anti-Muslim.”

Democracy Forward’s “Executive Team” is comprised of five members — four of which have previously worked for Democratic campaigns — including former Secretary of State John Kerry, former president Barack Obama, failed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and former Nevada Sen. Harry Reid.

This lawsuit is more about ideology and their hate of anything connected to the Trump administration and less about actually being offended by any fact that the DOJ report listed.