Leftist 'Comedians' Call Trump's 10 Year-Old Son 'Date-Rapist,' 'Homeschool Shooter,' Arsonist

MRC Contributor | January 23, 2017
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Ten-year old Barron Trump, Trump's youngest son and the first boy in the White House since JFK Jr., was shamelessly called both a “rapist” and a “school shooter” by left-wing writers and comedians on Twitter over the course of the weekend. These attacks come after Rosie O'Donnell made an unsubstantiated claim during Trump's campaign that Barron Trump was “autistic.”

On Friday, “Saturday Night Live” writer Katie Rich tweeted: “Barron will be this country's first homeschool shooter.” Ms. Rich later deleted her tweet as well as her account, but there has been no apology from either her or NBC. Rich's credits were suspiciously absent from the most recent episode of SNL, leading some to speculate (or hope) that she was fired.

Comedy Central writer Stephen Spinola somehow managed to top Rich's maligning, writing that Barron Trump “looks like a very handsome date-rapist to be.” Spinola deleted his tweet, but not his account; he has not apologized, nor has Comedy Central.

Apparently, rape jokes are fine with the left when they attack innocent children.

Comedian Matt Oswalt also had some criminal accusations to sling at Barron, tweeting that “Barron Trump is wandering around the White House right now looking for stuff to burn.” Add “arsonist” to the list of apparent felonies Barron will commit.

In reality, on Friday, the only people burning things during the inauguration were violent anarchists and other assorted left-wing agitators.

While the liberal media consistently denounced any targeting of Sasha and Malia Obama, there has been little backlash to this disgusting cyber-bullying by the mainstream media or the companies these child-abusers draw their paychecks from. Obama's daughters, however, were treated like sacred cows by the media; GOP communications director Elizabeth Lauten was forced to resign after merely stating they need to “[show] a little class”.

Indeed, there is a longstanding tradition of leaving the children of presidents out of the press and the public eye, in general. It is highly unprofessional, as well as morally reprehensible, for grown adults to attack children with labels as serious as “rapist” and “school shooter.” These are not even jokes; they are direct assassinations of character.

These attacks also show the strange projection of the left. To the average person, Barron looks like a normal, cute American child. To the left, he is an autistic school-shooter, arsonist rapist-to-be and the  embodiment of white, male privilege. This is just another sign of leftist hysteria surrounding anything related to President Trump. 

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