Leftist College Students Claim 'Toxic Masculinity' Is a Problem, But Don't Know What It Is

Ferlon Webster Jr. | January 18, 2019
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The term “toxic masculinity” really seems to be all the rage among liberals, so it’s not shocking to see their current view of men infiltrating the campuses of our country. 

After Gillette came out with their now infamous “emasculation station” video, Campus Reform’s Emma Meshell set out on a journey to Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., to ask students to share their thoughts on toxic masculinity. 

“Do you think that toxic masculinity is a problem that we need to address in society?” she asked the students.

One might expect these college students to give some really intelligent answers, right? Haha I made myself laugh with that one.  

Of course all these leftist-indoctrinated students claimed this was a problem, so Meshell asked them to clarify what the term meant.

“How would you define toxic masculinity as a term in your own words?” Meshell asked.

Um, Oooo, Ahhh, Silence, followed this profound question.

“There isn’t a sort of logic to it,” one male student “eloquently” stated. “I feel like it’s just strutting your stuff and being manly beyond there being a point to be.”


“I don’t really know,” another student honestly said after she promptly stated toxic masculinity was a problem. Go figure.

Meshell continued this “tough” line of questioning with something these students clearly hadn’t thought about. I hadn’t even thought about this, but I guess it’s because I don’t believe masculinity is “toxic.”

“If you had to draw the line somewhere between what’s toxic masculinity and what’s just normal masculinity, how would you do that?” she asked.

The responses were filled with silence and awkward ramblings that I’d rather not type because they were that foolish. None of these students — and I’d presume most people — who claim “toxic masculinity” is a thing, even know what it is, and they’re “fighting” against it. 

How does that even make sense?

It’s illogical to hear people say something is a problem and when you ask them to describe the issue, they respond in silence or make up some mumbo jumbo. It’s time for these students, and others who are controlled by leftist ideologies, to start thinking and not just allow toxic, yes toxic, ideas to infiltrate their minds without putting up some type of resistance.

H/T: Campus Reform

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