Lefties Cry Over FL Abortion Ban On 16-Year-Old

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | August 17, 2022
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Man, oh man. Florida wants to spare the lives of two children?! How dare they!

A Florida appeals court ruled June 15 that a 16-year-old female needed to carry her pregnancy to term and could not proceed with an abortion without parental consent. As a result, baby killing enthusiasts soiled themselves on Twitter. 

Escambia, FL judge, Jessica Frydrychowicz, reportedly blocked the teen’s abortion request claiming that she had “not established by clear and convincing evidence that she was sufficiently mature to decide whether to terminate her pregnancy.” 

(Could we get this judge to rule on the topic of gender-affirmation surgery as well since 16-year-olds should also not be old enough to decide to sterilize themselves?) 

Anyway, the "parentless" teen was supposedly enrolled in a program for troubled young women and recently went through the death of a friend. Shortly thereafter, she sought an abortion. The timing of these events was one of the reasons the court deemed her too immature to make such a life-changing decision. 

Micaiah Bilger of LifeNews pointed out how valuable this pregnancy is, especially for the preborn baby. 

The girl was 10 weeks pregnant when she appeared before the first judge, according to the report. It is not clear how long ago that was or how far along she is in her pregnancy now. Florida law prohibits killing unborn babies in abortions after 15 weeks. 

At 10 weeks of pregnancy, unborn babies already have beating hearts and brain waves, fingers and toes. They respond to touch, and their own unique fingerprints already are forming.

No matter how the child in the womb appeared there, nothing merits ending the life of an innocent child. That’s why parental consent is necessary for minors to make such a life altering decision. 

Bilger pointed out that parental consent laws aim to prevent “minors from making hasty and dangerous decisions” thence why it's required in order to get a tattoo or piercing but unsurprisingly, abortion activists want to make abortion, the most severe of these decisions, up to only the minor in question. 

Hence why Twitter lefties pitched a fit when they found out that the infant’s life would be spared. 

“No Lie” podcast host, who spews nothing but lies, claimed that Florida court is “forcing” the girl to have the baby.

no lie

Slate writer Mark Joesph Stern, agreed.

Lawyer Max Kennedy called the situation “procedural sophistry to mask cruelty.” He failed to recognize that abortion, in and of itself, is a perfect manifestation of cruelty.


An account called “The Rep Project” who aims to challenge gender stereotypes called the ruling “illogical” as it is "about control and subjugation.”


And finally, "GOOD," an account that aims to help users understand the world to "improve it" alluded to the idea of denying laws. 


Lefties are going to use any emotional pull that is in arm's reach to make you feel bad for the teen who’s in an unplanned pregnancy. Regardless of extenuating circumstances, the child has way more options than an abortion which is what the Florida court pointed out with its ruling, the left however, doesn’t want her or anyone else to know that.

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