Left-Wing Group Encourages Mailing Coal to Koch Brothers - for $60

danjoseph | December 1, 2014
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The Left wing group Free Speech TV, which airs liberal talk radio shows such as The Stephanie Miller Show and The Thom Hartmann Show, want the Koch brothers to know just how much they despise them. (As if they were unaware of this.)

In order to get this message across, the website is encouraging its supporters to purchase bags of coal for $60 which will then be sent to the hated brothers. The advertisement on the website reads: 

 "We will send lumps of coal to the worlds naughtiest, The Koch brothers on your behalf."

Uh, oh. I bet the Koch Brothers are terrified now!

The coal comes in a festive red bag with a yellow drawstring, and is embroidered with the words “You’ve Been Naughty.”

$60 may seem like a steep price for such a small bag of coal, and it will likely be far out of the price range for many on the left who we are frequently told cannot even afford an ID. But as we know, many liberals will spare no expense to let the hated conservative fundraisers and philanthropists know that they are the worst human beings on the planet.  

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