Left-Wing Bottom Feeders Are Now Attacking Barron Trump on Twitter

Brittany M. Hughes | May 31, 2017
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About a day after a photo went viral depicting comedian Kathy Griffin holding up a fake, severed bloody head of President Donald Trump – a photo that forced her to issue a video apology and got her canned from her New Years Eve gig at CNN – a story emerged claiming that Barron Trump, the president’s 11-year-old son, had seen the photo on TV and panicked, thinking it was actually his dad.

And it took about five seconds for the anti-Trump trolls on Twitter to crawl out from under their bridges and start lobbing insults at the boy. Who, I reiterate, is 11 freaking years old.

I painstakingly dug out a few examples of the left-wing cesspool for your disgust. Here's Ken Jennings, who's apparently famous for winning a bunch of rounds of Jeopardy! and having 254k Twitter followers...


And some other, less well-known bottom-feeders...


This stellar piece of human excrement thought the only thing wrong with Griffin’s photo was that it didn’t include Barron’s head, too:


Then there was this guy, who wants you to know he’s way above insulting a kid...


Rosie O’Donnell chimed in with a response to One America News anchor Liz Wheeler:

Here’s a now-deleted tweet from Fandango editor Peter Hall, proving that nothing on the internet ever truly goes away:

Of course, some people accused the White House of making up the whole story to garner sympathy and – as always – “distract” from all their nefarious dealings.


Keep it classy, liberals.