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Two Packages Thought To Contain Deadly Ricin Sent to Pentagon


According to Fox News, officials at the Pentagon have found at least two packages sent their way which they believe contain "ricin," a deadly powdered poison made from castor beans. 

This happened shortly after a false alarm at the Ted Cruz office in Texas where a suspicious white, powdery substance sent there was deemed non-toxic. 

"Authorities at the Pentagon found at least two packages suspected of containing ricin, a spokesman said Tuesday, with the news coming amid a scare at Sen. Ted Cruz's office in Houston involving a "white powdery substance" that turned out to not be hazardous.

A Pentagon spokesman confirmed to Fox News that two packages -- addressed to U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis and the Navy's top officer, Admiral John Richardson -- are suspected of containing ricin."

Last June, a Wisconsin mom was accused of spreading ISIS propaganda online-- including teaching people how to make ricin and how to send it to a government facility or water reservoir. In that same month a ricin attack by another Islamic extremist was foiled in Germany. 

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