Leaked Emails Show Clinton's 'Personal' Tweets Are Written By Staff


Hillary Clinton’s personal Twitter account claims that any tweet with a "-H" have been sent by Hillary herself. However, new leaked emails show that this might not actually be the case.

In one chain of emails, Clinton campaign speechwriter Lauren Peterson presented a list of two separate tweets to be sent out allegedly from Hillary herself regarding Pope Francis’ comments on climate change.

She says that the suggested tweets were “landed on as people’s favorites” and also mentions to someone on the chain, “I know we have another signed tweet with you on Juneteenth, so hoping to add this to the pile if folks are ok with the below options.”

The suggested tweets can be seen here:



After some input from Podesta and another tech strategist, Peterson proposes the following tweet.



Podesta then replied with his approval.

A few hours later, the tweet was sent word-for-word from Clinton’s twitter account along with the "-H" implying that the tweet was from Clinton herself.


In another set of emails, Milia Fisher (Special Assistant to Podesta) sent Podesta an email with edits to suggested tweets with the "-H" as well.



That same day, Clinton’s account sent three tweets with the same exact wording as the ones suggested in the email, all with "-H" at the end of them.



Now to be fair, it is entirely possible that staff comes up with language for these signed tweets and then Clinton has to approve of them before they get sent out, something that might be at least a little understandable considering the daily grind of running for president.

The fact remains, however, that any tweet with "-H" is meant to make followers feel like Clinton herself is reaching out to them and speaking with them personally instead of just having an account run by staff that tweet talking points. At this point, it's questionable at best whether her staff are simply sending out tweets and saying that they are from her.

That’s opposed to Donald Trump, whose advisors, for better or worse, can’t seem to get him to stop tweeting on his own.


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