Leaked Email: Woman Talks About 'Speed Dating' Married Clinton Campaign Chair

ashley.rae | October 20, 2016
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Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, who is married, received an email from a woman who claims she met him at a speed dating event.

An email released by WikiLeaks reveals a woman who goes by “Kim” reached out to Podesta on Sept. 14, 2012 to follow up after allegedly being introduced to him while speed dating.

In the email, Kim nervously writes that she met Podesta during her “first Speed Dating experience” so she is unaware that the “etiquette is” in responding. She adds that Podesta “seemed lovely” and that she would like to “catch up again”:

Hi John,
Hmmm so since this is my first Speed Dating experience I have no idea what one is supposed to say in a 'Hi There' / follow up email / thingy. I'm not even sure what the etiquette is, is there a polite waiting period? At any rate, I was glad to have received your details in the email as you seemed lovely! I would like to catch up again, if you'd like to.
That's pretty much it.
Hope you are enjoying your Saturday! Happy last week of term!

Podesta does not appear to have replied to the email.

It is unclear whether Podesta, who is married, actually attended a speed dating event or whether the email was accidentally sent to him.

The email released by WikiLeaks comes after it was revealed that in 2015, Podesta repeatedly begged for the attention of a much-younger staffer, Kristina Costa. During their exchange, Podesta told Costa that he missed her and if she was ignoring him.