Lawyers Are Suing California Because So Many Kids Can't Read

Brittany M. Hughes | December 5, 2017
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A group of concerned lawyers is actually suing the state of California because so many local children can’t read.

Apparently, the entirety of California has a massive problem of the Baltimore persuasion, as 2015 reports show more than half of all Golden State kids between third and fifth grade couldn't meet basic standards of literacy.

In response, attorneys with the Public Counsel are now suing the state, accusing the California Department of Education of not implementing changes to fix the problem. But while the state’s escalating budgetary woes are likely to be fingered as the reason for not teaching children how to read, the state has somehow found a way to dig up $23 billion a year to support illegal aliens while at the same time fighting charter schools from stepping in to solve the public school system’s education crisis.

Then again, one can’t help but wonder if the state’s overwhelming immigrant population isn’t a contributing factor in the large number young school children who aren’t proficient in English literacy (in L.A. alone, more than half of all public school students are from immigrant households in which another language is spoken). Just a thought.

Then again, who needs literacy when the state just pays for all your stuff, anyway?