Lawmaker Laughs As Dems Use Media As ‘Proof’: ‘A USA Today Factcheck’ – ‘That’s The Evidence?’

Eric Scheiner | April 7, 2022

Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) laughed off Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee who used a USA Today fact check as proof the FBI and DOJ were not targeting parents who expressed opinions at school board meetings.

“The members of the majority are reduced to relying upon articles in the leftist media from Reuters and USA Today, a USA Today FactCheck,” Bishop said as he laughed on Tuesday.

“And what do they do? USA Today assumes a grave tone, analyizes the evidence and concludes there is no misuse, there is no challenge, no tracking of parents - school parents. Why? Because the attorney general said that he would never do anything like that.

That's the evidence?”

Bishop continued, “The articles from Reuters and USA Today do not establish an answer to the question that is at hand about the use of the EDU officials threat tag. Any more than the unanimity among big tech and Washington Post and New York Times and CNN and ABC, CBS and NBC that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation made that so.

And that's all you've got. That's all you've got. Self-serving articles by media favorable to the Biden administration that doesn't want the Biden administration held to account for contriving this episode.”

Republicans asked for safeguards to protect parents after the National School Boards Association sent a letter calling on the Biden administration to investigate parents protesting at local school board meetings as domestic terrorists late last year.

GOP safeguards were rejected as Democrats in the House Judiciary Committee pushed through the “Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act” providing federal law enforcement with greater power “to monitor, analyze, investigate and prosecute domestic terrorism.”

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