Latest Veritas Video Explains How Twitter Bends to Foreign Governments

Nick Kangadis | January 17, 2018
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Twitter constantly tells us that they’re champions of free speech, but as previous videos released from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas have exposed, Twitter are anything but champions.

Project Veritas released yet another video Wednesday that highlighted a conversation with former Twitter Software Engineer Conrado Miranda. In the video, Miranda tells the undercover Veritas reporter about how different countries have different terms of service, and sometimes, Twitter does the bidding of foreign governments to squash dissenting voices.

The Veritas reporter asked Miranda about whether certain places — like Iran — contact Twitter to ban certain people from getting their dissent out into the ether. Miranda confirmed that the practice does happen, but then went on to specifically mention China.

Here’s what Miranda responded with:

We are actually under constant attack from the Chinese. Like, both Chinese hackers, like, “good guys” and from Chinese government[…]And then the Chinese government, like, starts to try and hack us, and sometimes they point to someone, or like yeah, we actually violated blah, blah, blah. And then the good guys from China start attacking us. It’s a mess[…]

In order for Twitter to operate in china, there is a specific terms of service. You know when you accept whatever they sent you? It’s different in each country.

Those comments came after Miranda repeatedly said that he wouldn't comment about Twitter capitulating to the Chinese government when they call to get a user banned.

In the end, Twitter — an American company — bends to the will of foreign governments while stifling — aka shadow banning — the speech of Americans who have different views from those working at Twitter.

For this Veritas video, watch below: