Latest Teen 'Challenge' Involves Burning Yourself With Deodorant

Brittany M. Hughes | May 8, 2018
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First, they ate Tide Pods. Then, they snorted condoms.

Now, they’re burning themselves with deodorant.

Please stop the planet. I’d like to get off now.

Teens who’ve thus far avoided poisoning themselves to death by chugging laundry detergent and asphyxiating themselves by inhaling latex are now giving themselves second degree burns by taking the “Deodorant Challenge.”

According to this, the latest teen craze involves spraying aerosol deodorant on your bare skin for as long as you can. And one teen in Britain is finding out the hard way that stupidity usually comes with consequences. From WNCT:

A mom in Britain is warning other parents about a new challenge that left her severely burned. 

According to, the new trend, “The Deodorant Challenge” involves spraying deodorant on someone for as long as possible. 

However, for one girl in Britain, the challenge resulted in a several trips to the hospital after she suffered second degree burns. 

According to a Facebook post from the girl’s mom, Jamie Prescott, her daughter continues to regularly go to the doctor for treatment for the burns, weeks after the incident. 

While the “challenge” is just now starting to make headlines, it’s apparently not new. Another mom posted this warning on Facebook in May of 2017, along with photos showing her teen daughter’s arm covered in red spots from intentionally burning herself with deodorant.

The injury apparently isn’t because of the stuff that’s in the deodorant itself, but rather because of how it’s bottled. Experts say spraying your skin from an aerosol can at super-close range causes your skin to cool very rapidly and cause near-instant frostbite, making your skin turn white. Do it for long enough, and you end up with a pretty nasty burn.

As a general category, teens have never been known for their stellar decision-making skills. Which is probably why we shouldn't let them unitarily dictate things like oh, say, our gun policy.

But even still, it feels like we've reached a whole new level of stupid.

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