Latest Project Veritas Video Shows CNN & Boss Jeff Zucker's Bias Against President Trump

Nick Kangadis | October 15, 2019
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The folks at Project Veritas are at it again, and this time they took their undercover abilities to possibly the most biased network on all of television, CNN.

According to their latest video, the James O’Keefe-led organization sent an undercover journalist, who has been working for CNN for two years, inside CNN’s Washington D.C. bureau to “blow the whistle” on the biases within the media giant.

Cary Poarch began speaking with Veritas earlier in 2019 about his concerns that CNN was more worried about presenting President Donald Trump and Republicans in a bad light rather than either admitting their bias or simply reporting the news.

“I noticed after — again, this is fairly rapidly after I started — within the first three to six months, that there was a strong groupthink that permeated through the halls,” Poarch told O’Keefe. “And everyone was aboard the, you know, ‘I hate Trump’ train or ‘I wanted to,’ basically, ‘go after anyone on the center or on the right politically.’”

That’s when Poarch decided to work with O’Keefe and Veritas and wear an undercover camera everywhere he went while working at CNN, including daily morning meetings with frequent instructions from CNN President Jeff Zucker.

Following audio of Zucker telling his people at CNN to continue to push the impeachment narrative, it appears that Poarch gets CNN Media Coordinator Christian Sierra to admit that there seems to be frustration concerning Zucker’s narrative and what he typically wants to see talked about on his network.

“There’s just nothing we can do if Zucker wants impeachment every single day to be the top story,” Sierra said on hidden camera.

Here's the Project Veritas video, in full:


Another CNN media coordinator, Nick Neville, appears to tell Poarch on camera about how CNN had a major hand in creating the rise of Trump, in order to get ratings, as much as any other person or entity:

Neville: But to a certain extent CNN created, uh, created Trump’s celebrity. They created this whole, like, not his celebrity, but created his candidacy, made him legitimate because they, they felt like they needed to show everything that he did from the beginning, so like, Jeff Zucker can’t really complain. Like, he kinda put this into action.

Journalist: Yeah, but why would they do that though, truly? You know, I don’t get it.

Neville: Ratings. And that’s sometimes what I struggle with, like, a lot of the decisions I guess all media companies make, but it’s like, they’re out to make a profit. So when people criticize, you know, the media, to a certain extent you know some of the criticism is accurate because it can’t totally be, like, completely for the objectives that you’re seeking.

Hiram Gonzalez, a floor director at CNN, all but confirmed who they have to blame for their own perceived plight of having Trump as president.

“Between you and I, we created this monster and now we’re eating him full plate every single day,” Gonzalez said. “Media created the Trump monster.”

Another CNN floor manager, Mike Brevina, spoke on hidden camera about part of the scene that he saw on Election Night 2016 after Trump had been declared the winner.

“it was like we was at a funeral,” Brevina said. “People were, like, in shock. I wouldn’t say they were in mourning. I would say people were in shock.”

For his part, Zucker was caught speaking to CNN Washington Bureau over speakerphone during their morning meeting, and he told his employees that even though he knows “that there’s a lot of people at CNN that are friendly with [Republican Sen.] Lindsey Graham,” they needed to “knock it off” so they could attack him more effectively.

“Time to knock that off and it’s time to call him out,” Zucker is reported as saying. “And, you know, I think he’s under full time contract now with Fox News. He's done his last 26 interviews in cable news with Fox. Okay? And, so, it’s time to seriously call out what’s going on here.”

If, in fact, those comments came directly from Zucker, he gave no clearer indication that he lives in a bubble in which he can’t recognize that what he’s doing and asking of his people is journalistic bias.

Why would Graham ever come on CNN or MSNBC when he knows what kind of treatment he’s going to get? It wouldn’t matter what Graham said during an interview with those organizations or how much sense he made. Graham chose to do interviews with Fox News, because they might actually listen to what he says.

Isn’t CNN pro-choice?

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