Larry King Interviews Lady Gaga... Wow

Stephen Gutowski | June 3, 2010
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Ok so this actually happened a couple of days ago but I haven't actually watched any of it until today. And, wow, I must say its probably one of the weirdest and most awkward interviews I've ever seen. Ever. Here, just check out this short clip for a taste of the uncomfortable oddness:

My goodness... wow. Who thought these two getting together would be a good idea? Why does CNN think that bringing on pop stars will make Larry King seem relevant instead of making him seem even older and more confused, not to mention creepier, than he already is?

And, for that matter, who keeps allowing Lady Gaga to appear on TV, radio, in videos, or anywhere in public? I can't think of a more creepy or perverted pop star. I can't be the only one who is freaked out by the things Lady Gaga does.

Whats really strange about Lady Gaga is how relatively normal and even comparatively tame the lyrics of her hit songs are. I mean basically all of her perversion and just plain freakishness comes in the form of intentionally over the top videos which do more to disturb than entertain. None of the videos server any purpose other than to shock either.

Perhaps we would all just be better off if Lady Gaga kept herself locked away in a studio and simply never came out. I guess the message I would personally like to give to Gaga is feel free to make your above average pop music but for goodness sake stop freaking me and everybody else out. And, as for Larry, I guess just stop trying to act like you're down with pop culture.

Anyway, if you guys have a morbid fascination with Lady Gaga or Larry King or the combination of the two you can check out some more clips from the show over at Gawker.

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