LA Times Admits 3rd Trimester Abortions DO Exist And Should KEEP Existing!

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | August 5, 2022
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The legacy media have maintained for years that third trimester abortions don’t happen and if they do that they are for medical emergencies. Those are lies.

The Los Angeles Times finally admitted Friday morning that third-trimester abortions do in fact happen and that abortion access should encompass the duration of a pregnancy in its entirety. 

California Governor Gavin Newsom is notorious for being pro-death. On August 3, Newsom urged Hollywood producers to return and remain in CA for productions, touting abortion access and dangling tax cuts. State law also permits abortions up until viability but the LA Times thinks that limit is still too restrictive.  

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The Times explained that even in the progressive state of CA, women seeking late term abortions are being “left behind.” California's abortion law “only” allows abortions until the child is considered “viable.” The LA Times however suggested the definition of viability is “vague” and has “nuance” (meaning killable babies could survive through a technicality, and we can't have that.) Basically all a woman needs is for a doctor’s “good faith medical judgment” to deem the pregnancy "not viable," then she can terminate her pregnancy. That’s just a way around the rules.

And women need that flexibility due to the nature of late-term abortions.

They are the least understood, the most politically controversial and often exceedingly heartbreaking for the parents who pursue them. They are also the most expensive and the most medically complex. 

Well, duh! Of course third trimester abortions are the “most medically complex,” they take place when there is a fully formed, viable human being in a woman’s uterus! I mean yeah, infanticide does seem pretty "medically complex."

The LA Times justified nearly every scenario why a woman may seek an abortion, even later on in pregnancy.

Experts who have studied these abortions say they often take place either because the patient learned new information — perhaps a distressing medical diagnosis or something in their personal lives — or faced barriers to access that pushed the procedure deep into pregnancy.

Wowza! It's a shocker that The Times is admitting that third trimester abortions do actually exist but even more surprising that the outlet is claiming they should be legalized even in cases other than medical reasons. 

Most of the time these late term abortions are performed because a baby may not be perfect or a mothers lifestyle will be in jeopardy … and those reasons are apparently just enough. 

There are currently six U.S. states as well as Washington D.C. who have no gestational limit on abortion. 

That’s six states that basically say "who cares if your kid will feel me ripping its limbs off, your fun lifestyle is more important" and many states that have the same attitude.



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